Denmark will change the definition of rape, will make new law


Denmark is one of the countries where gender equality is the focus, but sexual violence is a widespread problem there. Therefore, there is a readiness to change the definition of rape in the country.

The current law still focuses on sexual violence. While someone has sexual intercourse with their partner without consent, it will be considered rape.

"This is a historic moment for Denmark," said Hayley Jacobsen of Amnesty International on such a change in the law. Because consent law is a major victory for equality. In his message to the Parliament, Denmark's Justice Minister Nick Heckerup wrote that as a society we should provide legal protection to rape victims. To which they are entitled.

Statistics for 2018 show how low the reported number of reported cases of sexual violence is in Sweden. According to the country's Crime Prevention Council, more than 6700 women have been victims of sexual violence in 2018. But only 1300 cases have been registered with the police. In only 69 cases, the convict could be punished.

In most cases, rape is not reported because women fear that they will be treated with stigma. Jacobson said that the victims have told us that they feared that their acquaintances and officials would see them badly. According to the Amnesty report, 50 percent of the victims said that they were not happy with the attitude of the police.