Delta Variants: Dangerous delta variants reached 104 countries in the world, wreaked havoc in many countries, WHO told ways to avoid


The Delta variant found in India for the first time in the world is now spreading very fast in many countries. Its spread is becoming a cause of concern for the world. This concern is also because the vaccine is less effective on it than the rest of the corona variants. In many countries where life seemed to be getting back on track, the situation is getting worse due to this variant. World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has said that the new delta variant of Kovid-19 is spreading rapidly around the world. He cautioned that this variant has reached 104 countries. It is expected to soon become the most dominant variant of the coronavirus in the whole world. Tedros said that last week was the fourth week when the number of cases of Kovid-19 continued to increase worldwide.

Vaccination necessary to protect against delta variants

He said that the delta variant is spreading rapidly, but the situation is not the same everywhere. The head of the organization said we are amid a two-track pandemic. He said that the delta variant is spreading even in places where there has been more vaccination. Especially this variant is infecting people who are not vaccinated. Because of this, the pressure on the health system is increasing. At the same time, in countries where the rate of vaccination is very low, the situation is worse. He also warned that the delta variant is more contagious, so it is extremely important to avoid it.

After decreasing the cases for 10 weeks, the cases increased in this way

The head of the organization said that after the decrease in the cases for 10 weeks, the concern has increased due to the increase in cases like this. He said that COVID-19 is constantly changing and becoming more contagious. My message today is that we are facing a worsening public health emergency. He said that it could become a threat to lives, livelihoods, and global economic recovery going forward. The head of the organization said that it is even worse for places where there are few vaccines and the havoc of infection continues. He emphasized that the world has to come together to deal with the global pandemic.

Patients doubling every third week

  • The threat of corona continues in Britain. The epidemic is spreading very fast in this country. England's Chief Medical Officer has warned that if this trend continues, the number of people hospitalized with Corona could go to scary levels. The number of patients admitted to the hospital due to Kovid-19 is doubling almost every third week. If this trend continues, the figures could be frightening. He said that we should not ignore the amazing increase in the cases of Corona. If this momentum continues, we could be in trouble.
  • On the other hand, Indonesia recorded a record increase of 1,025 deaths from Kovid on Friday. Due to this, the death toll from the epidemic in the country has crossed 71 thousand. In Russia, 799 victims died of corona in the last 24 hours. This is the highest number of deaths reported in a day. During this, 25 thousand 704 new cases were found. Here too the havoc of the Delta variant has increased.
  • The corona epidemic has started increasing again in America. A jump in new cases is being recorded in more than half of the states of the country. In the last 24 hours, 31 thousand 815 new cases were found across the country. In Africa, on the other hand, epidemic deaths have increased by up to 40 percent in recent weeks.