Delhi-sized iceberg breaks in Antarctica


An iceberg of 1270 sq km in size has broken off from Antarctica. Estimate how big it is, such that the size of the two largest urban areas of the country, South and North Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC and NDMC), is approximately equal to 1292 sq km.

The thickness of the iceberg is 150 meters. A picture of this has also been released by the British Antarctic Survey. According to scientists, the incident occurred in the Burnt Ice Shelf area. This disintegration is called 'calving', in which vast icebergs separate from the frozen area.

The current calving was first recorded in November 2020. By January 2021 the speed of its breakdown had reached one km per day, on Friday, the breakdown was finally announced.

... if Antarctica melts

There is so much snow on Antarctica that if it breaks and melts in the sea, the water level will rise by 70 meters. Many cities and islands will be completely submerged.d