Danger averted, but not over yet, WhatsApp not ready to back down from new policy


Recently, in the midst of a furor over the WhatsApp company's privacy policy, WhatsApp announced that it had postponed its planned privacy update. The company said that it has been decided to postpone the privacy update due to misinformation reaching people.

In such a situation, the danger is definitely avoided, but it is not over. The company has said that it has taken this decision to eradicate the confusion about privacy and security so that people get more time to understand the new changes properly. The company has still not spoken of withdrawing from this situation.

Users who are against it do not have reason to be satisfied right now. They can use WhatsApp for the next four months without stopping. But Facebook is still threatening to close the account from May 15. This policy will be applicable to those who have approved. Such people cannot withdraw their consent, that is, their information will continue to be shared.

Question- Why the deadline extended

Due to the new policy, millions of people were moving to rival forums like Signal and Telegram. This gave a big shock to the company. In India, considered a big market for WhatsApp, last week, the Signal App came first. Experts believe that the new update has been postponed due to this reason.

Loss - 200 crore users may be scattered

If WhatsApp deletes people's accounts from May 15, it will suffer more from users. People will start keeping more than one messaging app on the phone. You can also opt-out of WhatsApp by adopting an alternative messaging app. Out of its 200 crore users in the world and 400 million users in India, a large number can be lost.

Cleanliness - will protect private communication

The company has said that the basis of WhatsApp is a simple idea. Whatever you share with your friends or families will remain with you. This means that we will always protect your personal communication from end to end encryption. So WhatsApp or Facebook cannot see these private messages.

The company said, no account will be deleted or suspended on February 8. We will go to the people to review the policy. New business options will be available on 15 May. The company has tried to remove confusion from the blog post and has also released a chart.

Government of many countries is taking action

The Government of India has sought a response from WhatsApp on the new policy and a petition has been filed in the Delhi High Court.

Italy's data security agency GPDP has said that the policy is unclear, users have not been told what the impact of their privacy will be.

The European Data Protection Board has also been informed of concerns.

Turkey has set up an inquiry asking it to cancel the WhatsApp policy.

Whatsapp has explained its

Earlier, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has given its clarification regarding the new policy. WhatsApp has said about the new privacy policy that it will not affect personal chatting with friends and family.

WhatsApp had said that the new policy is only for business accounts. WhatsApp has tweeted that users' chats are completely secure with end-to-end encryption as before. The delay is a major setback for the revenue-generating scheme by facilitating commercial exchanges on the WhatsApp messaging app.

WhatsApp wrote in its blog that on February 8, no one will have to suspend or delete their account. We are going to do a lot to correct the misinformation about how privacy and security work on WhatsApp.

At the same time, the Signal app has benefited from this step of WhatsApp. The signal app is being downloaded indiscriminately after a dispute over WhatsApp's new privacy policy.

This is the reason that the signal became the top free app in India by beating WhatsApp on the Apple App Store. Apart from India, it has overtaken WhatsApp in Germany, France, Austria, Finland, Hong Kong, and Switzerland topped the list. At the same time, Signal in Germany and Hungary have also managed to make its place in the Top Free app in Google Play Store.

Signal popularity increased by Elon Musk's tweet Instant messaging app WhatsApp has been in discussion for some time about the changes in the new privacy policy. The new policy states that users will have to share personal data of their WhatsApp account with Facebook, if users do not accept this privacy policy of Whats, their account will be automatically closed.

Subsequently, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and the world's richest man, tweeted that he uses the Signal app, not WhatsApp. Since then, people are constantly downloading the Signal app. This is the reason that the signal app has left WhatsApp behind.