Cuba blames America for historic demonstrations, 100 people arrested


Cuba has blamed the US for its historic protests over the weekend. Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canal has accused the US of causing social instability in his country. In addition, the Cuban government has arrested about 100 people, including some high-profile opponents.

Last week, thousands of Cuban citizens took to the streets to protest against the economic policies of the leftist government. Despite the presence of a heavy police force from Havana to Santiago, people gathered in large numbers on the streets and shouted slogans. It is believed that such large gatherings can take place only through the Internet. So far, more than a hundred journalists, protesters have been arrested across the country for this.

Biggest performance in three decades

Such a large demonstration of people troubled by the shortage of food and medicine has not been seen in the last nearly three decades. A live broadcast on Facebook showed hundreds of people demonstrating in San Antonio de las Baos, southwest of Havana. However, this video was removed within about an hour. As the afternoon progressed, videos of demonstrations emerged from other parts of Cuba. People's anger was also at its peak in the demonstration in Palma Soriano, located in the southeast of the country.

In the video, filmed in Artemisa province, west of the island, a woman shouts during a demonstration, "People are starving." The children are suffering. Protesters were seen overturning a police car in Cardenas. In another video, people were seen looting a government shop, which was selling goods at high rates.