Creative and productivity of 'working from home' employees will decrease


To avoid the coronavirus, most companies in countries around the world have implemented a policy from work to home.

Meanwhile, Bank of England chief economist Andy Halden says that the benefit of the work from home policy is that infection will be prevented. But the disadvantage is that if this system continues for a long time then it will reduce the creativity and productivity of the employees.

Not good for the economy

Halden said the level of teamwork would decrease due to employees not having to face their subordinates. This will directly affect the economy. Far from the competition of the market, the level of mutual competition has also reduced to a great extent.

Went to the office only twice in six months

Halden says that I have gone to the office only twice in six months. It has many benefits, people have been free from the hassle of visiting the office every day. However, due to other work, there is a decrease in thinking and reasoning at work from home.

Be soft rule

Halden says that it is time to soften the policy of working five days a week in the office. However if given the freedom to work from home for a whole week, then its far-reaching results will not be good. It is possible that it will affect productivity.