Covid outbreak in India: America worried about rising corona cases in India, said - will help all possible


Not only India but allied countries are also keeping a close watch on the increasing cases of Corona. The US State Department has said that the United States is also concerned about the growing transition and is watching the situation every day. On the growing Corona affairs in India, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said that on Monday, Foreign Minister Antony Blinken and Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar had a detailed discussion on the same issue.

Ned Price said that India is a friendly country, we will do whatever is possible. It is important to keep this virus under control. All countries have good in this. As of now, American citizens have been advised not to travel to India. It is known that during the entire Corona period, the country which has been in crisis, has helped all the countries in a big way.

Know - What is the situation of Corona in India

In India, on Wednesday, April 21, 2021, all records of new cases of coronavirus infection have been broken on the last day. According to the data released this morning, for the first time in India in the past day, about 3 lakh cases of infection have been reported, while the record of one day deaths in the country has also been broken.

Coronavirus has recorded the highest number of deaths of 2,023 on the last day. At the same time, 2,95,041 new coronavirus cases have been reported in the last 24 hours.

The outbreak of the second wave is so high that 34 lakh new cases have been reported in April alone. This means that according to government statistics, in 21 days, 34 lakh people in the country have been infected with corona. Looking at the figures, 34,66,795 new cases have been reported so far in April. At the same time, there have been a total of 20,085 deaths in these 21 days.

With the introduction of new cases, the total number of corona cases in the country has been 15,616,130. The total number of deaths has reached 182,533.