Covid-19: On the first day of lockdown in France, roads remain deserted


The French government has imposed a four-week lockdown in the country after the sharp rise in Coronavirus cases again. On the first day of the lockdown, fewer people were seen on the streets Friday.

For the second time in seven months, people have been asked to stay at their homes under the lockdown in force since Friday and a provision of penalty or punishment has been made on exit. Permission has been given to go out for an hour for exercise or to shop for treatment or essential items.

On Friday morning, the road was deserted and few people came out of the houses. The restaurant and cafe have been closed. It was only in the supermarket that people moved in because there were people who came to buy essential goods.

Roads in the capital Paris also looked empty. Generally, the movement of vehicles on the roads increases as the weekend starts.

Many went to their homes this weekend on the holiday. President Emmanuel Macron has said that since Monday, the administration should adopt a liberal attitude towards those returning home from holidays but take strict action against those who leave.