Covid-19: More than 40 thousand deaths in America in two weeks


In a world where more than 10.55 people have been affected by the infection. At the same time, more than 22.96 lakh people have died from this epidemic. Meanwhile, the situation is worst in the US. There have been over 40,000 deaths due to infection in two weeks. While on average 3,000 people lost their lives every day during this period.

According to 'The Guardian' report, one of the reasons for this is that people again become careless and gather in one place. However, the rate of infection in the country has come down. But in view of the situation, there is also a consideration of banning the Super Bowl matches in some cities. While the pace of vaccination is planned to be further accelerated from next week.

After America, the situation in Brazil is also very serious. So far, over 2.28 lakh people have lost their lives with 1,232 deaths in the last 24 hours. While the number of infected has crossed the figure of 93.96 lakh.

China's lab is not proof of becoming virus: WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) team, which is investigating the origin of the coronavirus outbreak, is currently satisfied with China's cooperation. He has not yet found any evidence in the laboratory of the virus that can confirm the spread of this virus from here to the world.

A member of the team has said that it is necessary to check the bats' locations as well to conduct a thorough investigation. Peter Dusjak, a team member and zoologist, tweeted that Xi Zhengli, deputy director of the Institute of Virology of Wuhan, had been informed of Kovid-19 as well as the original location of the SARS spread in 2003.