Covid-19 lockdown reduced pollutants, not carbon dioxide 2 levels: UN


The United Nations Meteorological Agency said on Monday that slowing down of industrial activity due to the Coronavirus epidemic reduced emissions of polluting elements and heat-enhancing greenhouse gases, but did not reduce their record levels in the atmosphere.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) stated that carbon dioxide emissions have increased substantially over the years and warned that the benefits of any reduction in pollution levels as a result of the paucity of pandemic-related industrial activities It will take years. The organization also said that if all countries cut their greenhouse gas emissions to zero, then this goal can be best achieved.

WMO Secretary-General Pateri Talas said after the release of the latest edition of the organization's annual Greenhouse Gas Bulletin on Monday, the reduction in emissions due to the lockdown could lead to a small temporary drop in the long-term graph. But we have to keep the graph flat for a long time. The organization said Kovid-19 is not the solution for climate change.