Covid-19: Economic impact is More than health in South Asia, total infected in the world crossed 58 million


So far, the number of infected in the world has crossed 5.80 crores while the number of dead has crossed 13.80 lakh. Meanwhile, America's top think tank has said in its report that the epidemic in South Asia has had more impact on the economic front than the health sector's challenges.

The Hudson Institute think tank has released a report titled 'Nine Months of Kovid-19's Impact on South Asia', co-authored by former Pakistan ambassadors in the US, Hussein Haqqani, and Arpana Pandey.

Haqqani said the economic consequences of Kovid-19 on South Asia are proving to be worse than the health challenges in the region. He said that all these countries have a poor state of health infrastructure and a large number of people living below the poverty line, which makes the fight to deal with health crises difficult.

Trump's elder son Donald Jr. also infected

The US president has recently returned home after battling a Corona infection and now his elder son Donald Trump Jr. has been found infected. His spokesman informed that he is currently in Quarantine. They stated that they are symptomatic and following all guidelines.