Coronavirus Vaccine: Vaccine is effective even if it is 70 or 90 percent effective


Corona has expectations only from select vaccines in the world. There is no such vaccine that is 100% effective. According to the tests so far, Pfizer 95, Oxford - AstraZeneca 62 to 92, while Moderna's vaccine has been shown to be 95 percent effective.

Scientists say that no vaccine can be 100 percent effective. It is definitely claimed that these vaccines will be equally effective as compared to the vaccines for other diseases.

According to Dr. Andrew Preston, a microbial pathogen expert at the Britain's University of Bath, if the vaccine is 70 or 90 percent effective, it can work better against the virus. This means that nine out of ten people who get vaccinated will come in contact with Corona, they will not get sick.

The vaccine cannot protect a person from being infected, but after the vaccine is exposed to infection, it will not have any symptoms. With this, there will be no spread of the disease. The more people get vaccinated, the epidemic will end and the virus will disappear.

100% effective vaccine preparation impossible

Virologist Prof of the University of Nottingham. Will Irving explains that the goal is to produce 100% effective vaccines. This is because every person in the world is different from each other in many ways.

The vaccine prepares memory by working against viruses. If this type of virus comes in contact with the immunity of the body, then the memory will be reactivated, so that the virus will not be able to dominate.