Coronavirus: Lockdown applied again in Philippines capital Manila


Seeing the rise in cases of Coronavirus infection, at the insistence of medical groups, the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has decided to re-introduce the lockdown with some concessions in the capital and surrounding areas.

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said on Monday that the Manila Capital Territory will continue to have tougher restrictions for two weeks from Tuesday. He said that public vehicles would be banned during this period and only necessary transport services would be allowed to operate.

Officials associated with nearly a hundred medical organizations addressed the online press conference on Saturday and warned that cases of infection were increasing rapidly and that the health system was getting sick and resigned due to excessive workload and fear of health. It is suspected.

He urged Duterte to reapply the lockdown so that medical personnel can get some relief and the government gets time to re-prepare resources to combat the epidemic. As of Sunday, more than 1,03,000 cases of Kovid-19 had been reported in the Philippines.