Coronavirus in World: Things deteriorate in France, the record of 42 thousand cases in one day


The number of corona infections in the world crossed 4.2 million on Friday, while the number of dead exceeded 11.44 lakh. 3.12 crore people have been cured of the epidemic. Meanwhile, the infection is spreading rapidly in France.

A record of 42,622 new cases was reported in the country on Thursday. Earlier, on October 17, the country had the highest number of 32,427 cases. With this, France has reached seventh place in the list of most affected countries of the world.

According to the report, the French government said that the second wave of infection is taking people on a large scale, but death cases have come down. Rapid changes have been made in health services and the death toll is much lower than in the first wave. At the same time, the government believes that the night curfew implemented in the country did not have much effect. The government will consider the strict implementation of the lockdown on Saturday. But the country continues to protest against the lockdown.