Coronavirus in World: Pakistan will get Russia's Sputnik vaccine for 8449 rupees, number of infected in the world crosses 12.39 crore


The government of Pakistan has fixed the maximum retail price (MRP) of vaccines imported from China and Russia amid an increasing number of infections in the country. For these vaccines imported by private companies of the country, the government has fixed the price of Russia's Sputnik vaccine at Rs 8,449 and for China's Convidacea at Rs 4,225 per injection. Meanwhile, cases of infection in the world crossed 12.39 crore. While the number of dead has exceeded 27.29 lakhs.

Explain that Pakistan PM Imran Khan had recommended to the Drug Price Committee of Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan to fix the price of vaccines imported from Russia and China in the country, despite being infected after getting the Chinese vaccine. Meanwhile, the World Bank and Asian Development Bank have offered loans to low and middle-income countries to purchase vaccines. The World Bank has approved a $ 153 million loan to Pakistan in relation to Kovid-19.

Britain warns about holidaying abroad

Britain has warned its citizens against holidaying in other countries. The country's defense minister, Ben Wallace, said the increase in infection within neighboring European countries could eclipse the benefits of vaccination.

He said, if the travel plans are not strictly controlled, then there is a risk of bringing new varieties of deadly viruses by the passengers. He told Sky News, "Whatever is happening outside the country, we cannot keep our eyes and ears closed."