Coronavirus havoc: 3251 deaths in Brazil within a day


In a world where the number of infected has crossed 12.49 million. At the same time, the death toll has also exceeded 27.48 lakhs. Meanwhile, for the first time in Brazil, the number of Kovid-19 to 3,251 deaths has been reported within a day. Recently, this Latin American country has emerged as the largest center of infection deaths than any other country. The total dead here has crossed 2.98 lakh.

The country's most populous state, São Paulo, has 1,021 deaths within a day, which is significantly higher than the highest number of 713 reported in July last year. The epidemic has almost destroyed Brazil's health systems. There is a shortage of ICU beds and oxygen reserves in hospitals.

In recent times, most states have restricted activities. While President Jair Bolsonaro did not give importance to the severity of the epidemic, he said that it is necessary to keep the economy running so that its condition does not deteriorate. He also criticized the health measures of local leaders.

Country infected died fine

America 3,06,41,415 2,30,40,216 5,56,924

Brazil 1,21,36,615 1,06,01,658 2,98,843

Russia 44,83,471 40,98,400 96,219

France 43,13,073 2,83,507 92,908

UK 43,07,304 37,12,658 1,26,284

Italy 34,19,616 27,53,083 1,05,879