Corona virus : Damage to the lungs as well as the kidneys and heart of the youth


The coronavirus has damaged the organs of one-third of the youth who have been hit by the corona epidemic. Member of the UK's Scientific Group for Emergency (SAGE), Prof. Callum Sample says that the virus has damaged the organs of one-third of the people who are 20 years old who have been affected by corona infection.

Experts study on 70 thousand patients admitted in 300 hospitals

Pro. Sample and his team have made this claim after studying 70 thousand people who were hospitalized last year after infection. Prof. Samples say that the virus does not harm only the elderly or older people, it is a complete lie. The virus is also harming the health of youth or young people equally.

24% kidney, 18% heart damaged by virus

It has been found in the study that corona is causing more damage to the lungs as well as to the kidneys and heart. Scientists from the University of Liverpool and Edinburgh say that such problems were seen more in people over the age of 60, but such cases are not less in young people. This is a matter of concern. Side effects on the organs due to infection are more common in people over the age of 30. In 37 percent of the people, the infection caused some organ-related discomfort.

Age more than 50 then the risk is higher

University of Edinburgh data scientist Dr. Thomas Drake says that the research found that the risk of death was seen higher in those who were over the age of 50. However, the suffering due to infection was also more among the youth. Of the people involved in the study, 1500 were young people who were in their 20s. Similarly, 19,900 people were in the age group of 80 years. Research has been done on 300 hospitalized patients.

Virus fights damage to organs

Pro. Sample and Prof. Drake explain that the virus caused kidney damage in 24 percent of the people involved in the research. Kidney damage means lifelong disease. Similarly, damage to the lungs has been seen in 18 percent of the people while in 12 percent of the heart. Scientists say that when the body fights the virus, then when the immune system becomes more active, it starts harming the organs with the virus.