Corona Vaccine : 90 percent protection from Sputnik-V against Delta strain


Good news has come out related to Corona's Delta strain and the Sputnik-V vaccine. Head of the Novosibirsk Stand University Laboratory and the Academy of Chemical Sciences, Prof. Sergey Netosov says that the viral vector and mRNA including the Sputnik-V vaccine. It is 90 percent effective in protecting against the Delta variant.

Citing data from the US and UK, the professor said that all mRNA and vector vaccines, including Sputnik-V, are capable of protecting against the delta variant. He has said that its effect has definitely reduced a little. But it is capable of providing protection.

He has told that in a method based on this technique, 90 percent protection is given from the initial strain of corona. But this vaccine is 90 percent effective to protect against the delta variant as well. He said that the vaccine has already been made. It should be used sparingly.

Where was it in June, 100% security?

Gamla Research Center where the Sputnik-5 vaccine was manufactured. Its scientist Professor Vladimir Gushin said in late June that the Sputnik-V vaccine is 100 percent effective in protecting against the delta variant of the corona.

There is confusion among experts due to the differing opinions of experts on the different effects of the vaccine on the delta variant. However, there is still a claim that the current vaccines are effective against Delta.