Corona Third Wave: The havoc of the rapidly growing delta variant, the world in the early stages of the third wave of the epidemic


World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has warned the world about the third wave of the corona epidemic. Amidst the growing havoc of the delta variant of Corona, he said, 'Unfortunately we are now in the early stages of the third wave.'

Tedros said the increase in social activities and inconsistent use of containment measures are leading to an increase in the number of new cases and deaths as the delta variant spreads. "The Delta variant has now reached 111 countries and could soon dominate the world," he added. Tedros reiterated that 10 percent of the population should be vaccinated in every country by September, appealing to accelerate the vaccination campaign. Whereas by the end of the year, 40 percent of the population should get both doses of the vaccine.

Death toll rises again after nine weeks of decline

According to the news agency AP, the WHO reported that the death toll from corona globally had been declining for nine consecutive weeks, but it registered an increase last week. Last week, more than 55 thousand victims died with an increase of three percent. Whereas during this period new cases of corona also increased by ten percent. Last week, about 3 million new cases were found in the world. In countries like Brazil, Indonesia, and Britain, this jump is coming as the infection increases.

Relaxation in restrictions increases risk in India

According to news agency PTI, Tanvi Gupta Jain, Chief Economist, UBS Securities India, has said that many states are easing restrictions, markets are opening, due to which the risk of the third wave has become more. The pace of vaccination has also started slowing down in the country.

According to a UBS report, earlier in India, an average of 4 million doses were being administered every day. Now, this number has come down to 34 lakhs. This situation is also dangerous because now 45 percent of the cases are coming up in rural areas.

The second wave is not over in 20 percent of the districts, the sound of the third wave

Tanvi Gupta Jain said on Wednesday that most of the cases in the country are being found in 20 percent of the districts. Here the effect of the second wave has not ended and the sound of the third wave has started to be heard. He said economic pointers are returning to normal, but they are still showing mixed results. There has been an increase in the number of train and air passengers.

Daily cases of corona started increasing again in America

According to the news agency AP, daily cases have started increasing again in America, which has faced two waves of the Corona epidemic. For the last three weeks, an increase in new cases is being recorded. The increase in new cases is said to be due to the spread of the delta variant, a sluggish vaccination campaign, and nationwide gatherings on the occasion of Independence Day on July 4. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the average daily number of cases in the US increased to 23 on Monday. Thousand became 600. On June 23, this number was only 11 thousand 300. According to the news of the news agency IANS, there has been a 500 percent increase in new cases in the US's most populous Los Angeles county in a month.