Corona: Some people in the city of Wuhan want to forget the epidemic but some kept those memories


The coronavirus spread from China to the city of Wuhan, after which China was blamed and many charges were leveled against the country. When World Health Organization investigators arrived in Wuhan city to find out how the coronavirus spread from there, the city was remembering Li Wenliang, who had died a year earlier.

Explain that Li was a Chinese scientist and the first informer, who warned people about the virus. He said that this virus will kill thousands in the city and millions in the world. After this, the administration punished him for revealing this, and finally, he got himself caught by the virus.

A wonderful scene was witnessed a year after Lee's death. In the hospital where Lee worked, a man stood outside the hospital with flowers in his hands. There was a 76-day lockdown in Wuhan. There were some cases in which the whole family was hit by the virus and could not escape.

According to some media reports, people in Wuhan city of China are still afraid of Corona. Many people do not want to talk about it openly, while some do. Locals in Wuhan city split into two groups, one who does not want to remember anything related to Corona and the other who did not want to forget anything.

After much effort, China agreed to conduct an examination of the Wuhan lab from outside, to find out how the coronavirus spread from animals to humans. In May last year, the World Health Organization team visited Wuhan city.

Investigators of the organization said that they were provided all kinds of help from the administration. Life in Wuhan is now back on normal track after a year of lockdown was completed. The people of Wuhan are now united after the epidemic last year.