Corona's impact: Woman rehearsed for death, cremated after spending thousands of rupees


The global pandemic Coronavirus has caused a furor worldwide. In Chile, a woman Chile was so impressed by the deaths from Corona that she performed her own fake funeral. For this, the woman called all her friends and told them about her plan. Please tell that this woman spent 710 pounds i.e. about 75 thousand rupees for her fake funeral.

Myra Alonzo, 59, lives in Santiago, Chile. For the last few days, she was thinking about her funeral after seeing the deaths from Corona. During this time, Myra thought of rehearsing for her funeral and persuaded her friends to do this peculiar work.

According to the Dominican news site Listin Diario, Myra lay in the coffin for a few hours during her mock funeral. He rented this coffin for a day. Not only this, Myra's family and friends present near the coffin shed fake tears. Also, many people present there also took photographs.

Myra wore a white dress and a flower crown on this special occasion. In addition, he also applied cotton to his nose, as is usually applied during the funeral of dead people. Myra Alonzo made all the arrangements that are usually done with a corpse in the morgue.

Some people are discussing on social media the fake funeral done by Myra Alonzo, while some people are criticizing it a lot. People on social media said that Myra Publicity is doing all this for the stunt and is making fun of people killed by the coronavirus.