Corona : President Biden accuses social media of killing people, Facebook rejects


US President Joe Biden has accused the social media platform of killing people. Biden said that false and misleading news related to the coronavirus and vaccines is being spread on social media platforms like Facebook, due to which people are being misled. Biden told the White House that US President Joe Biden said social media companies were "taking lives" by failing to stop the spread of misinformation on their platforms about anti-Covid-19 vaccines. However, Facebook has denied the allegations made by the US President.

Biden's comments came a day after US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy called misinformation about vaccines a public health threat. US officials have advised that these vaccines can almost completely prevent death and serious illness from the virus. Asked if he has any messages for forums like Facebook where false or misleading information about coronavirus vaccines is spreading, Biden said, "They are killing people."

Virus risk among those not vaccinated in America

Biden said that there is an epidemic in America only among those who have not been vaccinated. After getting vaccinated, the fear of the corona epidemic among people is negligible. However, he said that there is no need to be careless in this right now. "Misinformation poses a deadly threat to the health of our nation," he said at the White House. We as a country must fight misinformation. Lives rely on it." Referring to the role of the Internet in spreading misinformation on health, Murthy said technology companies and social media platforms should make meaningful changes to their products and software to prevent the spread of misinformation.

Facebook denies Biden's allegations

Meanwhile, Facebook spokesperson Denny Lever replied, "We will not deviate from allegations that are not based on facts. The real fact is that more than two billion people viewed authentic information on COVID-19 and vaccines on Facebook, more than any other platform on the Internet. Used the vaccine tool that provided information on where and how to get vaccinated. Facts show Facebook is helping save lives." Twitter wrote on its platform, "We will continue our work to increase authentic health information as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the world."