Corona patients may get black fungus by wearing wet and dirty masks, know what experts say


These days, patients suffering from corona are showing symptoms of black fungus. While there was no such case in the first wave of Corona, in the second wave, these cases suddenly came to light in the last few days. Where the patient suffering from the corona is already troubled by the symptoms, in such a situation, the problems of the patient increase, even more, when there is a black fungus. There can be many reasons for having black fungus. In which some reasons are very common, on which patients often do not even pay attention.

Diabetes patients are more at risk

The risk of black fungus is higher for diabetic patients. Dr. Dilip Chavda says that he has seen 5 to 6 cases in the past. Patients who do not take care of cleanliness. Dirty or wet masks are also at higher risk of disease. When the black fungus with corona becomes worse, the patient's body becomes worse and in such a situation it becomes difficult for him to fight the disease.

Antifungal treatment

Symptoms are seen in the eyes of the patient due to black fungus, irritation, redness, out of the eyes, in the ability to see, etc. Many times the patient himself is unable to understand what is happening to him. For the treatment of black fungus, physicians are given ampo-ticin B and other anti-fungal. Its treatment takes both time and endurance and different experts are consulted.

Corona patients should be careful about these things

Dr. Chavda explains that if the corona patients take care of some things then the chances of getting black fungus decreases. Keep your nose and throat clean. Do not use dirty masks or dirty clothes etc. on the nose. Dry the mask in sunlight and wear it again so that its moisture is properly absorbed. Keep sugar under control and it is very important to take care of cleanliness around you or in the place where you are isolated.

Take special care of steroids

If you are being given steroids in Corona treatment, then it is more important to keep in mind that the chances of getting black fungus are increasing in the patients who are being given steroids to get healthy. Physicians are keeping this in mind, but it is very important that the family of the patient also keep talking to the doctor in this matter.

Treatment lasts for a long time

If you have black fungus during corona, the duration of treatment increases, anti-biotics have to be increased. Anti-fungal medicines are given to the patient for at least four weeks and later the patient has to continue treatment for a long time. It is more likely to occur in the elderly as well, so special care should be taken of them.

Note- This article has been prepared on the basis of a conversation with Dr. Dilip Singh Chavda, Assistant Professor of MGM Medical College and MY Group. Doctor Dilip Singh Chavda has been practicing for the last seven years. He received his degree from MGM Medical College, Indore.

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