Corona : Israel sent messages to India to recover from the virus through music


Hundreds of Israeli citizens sent messages of 'love and recover from pain' during a concert in solidarity with India as India recovers from its second wave of coronavirus. Musicians from India also took part virtually in the event.

Musicians from India also took part in the program virtually, also sang bhajans

The event was held on Tuesday night in Tel Aviv's Habima Square. The program also featured the pre-recorded devotional song 'Keshav Madhav Hari Hari Bol'. This song is sung by Ativ Bhansali and Ashish Rangwani. Raj Helving, one of the organizers, said, "The people of Israel miss India's culture very much because it was not possible to visit India last year due to Kovid-19.

The people-to-people relations here have always been good and strong and we hope to be able to visit India again soon. The concert is organized by the Unite in Babylon 'Singing Circle' in which all the participating musicians sing and play instruments in a circle. During this, dozens of people from Israel sang songs and played instruments in Hebrew, Hindi, and English.

Cases increased in Ruili city of China's Myanmar

The authorities imposed a lockdown on Wednesday in view of the increasing cases of corona in the Chinese city of Ruili, bordering Myanmar. Chinese health officials said that 15 cases of corona have been found in Ruili in a period of 24 hours. Mass testing of the corona was being done in this city, after which new cases are being found. Corona cases include citizens of both China and Myanmar.

Americans advised postponing travel to Bhutan, Sri Lanka

The US has advised its citizens to avoid travel to Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Citizens are being urged to reconsider travel in view of the pandemic in Bhutan and terrorism in Sri Lanka. The US State Department also urged its citizens to reconsider traveling to Sri Lanka due to Corona and called for caution regarding terrorism in Sri Lanka.