Corona infects exceed 58 million worldwide, a record two lakh cases a day in the US


The number of people infected by the global pandemic has crossed 58 million. So far more than 13.79 lakh people have died due to infection. The United States, India, and Brazil account for about 48 percent of the total corona cases reported worldwide.

The United States, India, and Brazil are the first, second, and second place in terms of the number of people infected and dead by this epidemic. According to data released by the Center for Science and Engineering of John Hopkins University in the United States, the Coronavirus has so far infected 5,80,76,075 people and killed 13,79,737 people in 190 countries of the world.

Record about 2 lakh cases in a day in America

Things are becoming uncontrollable with the second wave of Corona in America. So far, about 125 million people have been infected with Corona here. Here in Corona, the figure of record cases has reached 2 lakh in one day. The number of coronavirus cases in the US has crossed 120 million.

Implemented lockdown will end in England on December 2

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to end the lockdown enforced across England on 2 December and re-introduce a system of restrictions based on region.

Johnson's office reported late Saturday that the government was planning to re-introduce a three-level system of restrictions on a local basis in England. Under this, restrictions will be imposed in different areas depending on the severity of the infection.

59 new cases, 7,662 dead in Pakistan

The Health Ministry reported on Sunday that 59 more people have been infected with Corona. With this, 7,662 new deaths occurred. According to the Ministry of National Health Service, the number of total infected has increased to 374,173 after 2,665 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours.

75 new cases in Russia

In Russia, 75 new corona patients have been confirmed in the last 24 hours. With this, the figure of the dead has increased to 8,308. According to the information, some patients who died of the corona were also diagnosed with pneumonia.

15,741 new infected in Germany.

After 15,741 new cases of corona in Germany, the number of infected has increased to 918,269. According to Robert Koch Institute (RKI) data, the death toll has risen from 138 to 14,022.