Corona infection cases increased worldwide after Delta Delta Plus variant increased India's concern


The second wave of corona in India is on the verge of ending. Several stringent steps have been taken by the Health Ministry. People are actively participating in the ongoing vaccination campaign by the Government of India to avoid corona infection. But in the meantime, the Delta Plus variant is becoming a cause for concern. However, countries like the US and the UK are troubled by the delta variant, which is being said to be responsible for the second corona wave in India. Lockdown is also being imposed again in many countries.

Johns Hopkins University's Center for Systems Science and Engineering has shared a report, which has information about the deaths and infected people from Corona around the world so far. According to the CSSE data, worldwide corona cases have gone up to 18.17 crore (181,750,422) while, the deaths have gone up to 39.3 lakh (3,936,463).

According to the data of Johns Hopkins University, the situation in America is worst. America ranks first in the world with the highest number of corona infection cases and deaths. The total number of cases of corona infection in America is 33,651,870, while the death toll has gone up to 604,457. India ranks second in this list, where there are 30,316,897 cases of corona infection and the death toll has risen to 397,637.

People have many options of the vaccine in India

In this battle with Corona, people had earlier only Kovishield, Covaccine, and Sputnik V vaccine, but now Moderna is the fourth vaccine that has also been approved in India. Pharma company Cipla had sought approval from DCGI for import and market authorization, which has been approved.

More than 3 million corona infected countries worldwide

Brazil is 18,513,305, France 5,835,885, Russia 5,428,961, Turkey 5,420,156, UK 4,791,628, Argentina 4,447,701, Italy 4,259,133, Colombia 4,213,074, Spain 3,799,733, Germany 3,735,399 and Iran 3,192,809.

Corona deaths worldwide

Brazil has been in second place for a long time in deaths from Corona. 515,985 people have died in Brazil. There have been 232,608 deaths in Mexico, 191,899 in Peru, 132,314 in Russia, 128,390 in the UK, 127,542 in Italy, 111,230 in France and 105,934 in Colombia. The deaths due to corona are a matter of concern.