Corona infection: 60 percent higher risk for patients who not admitted


Even though no infected have been admitted to hospitals across the world, they are at risk of prolonged illnesses and death. One study has reported long-term side effects on the health of Long Kovid.

In this journal published in Nature magazine, medical records of more than 73 thousand such infected persons were searched, which led to the recruitment. But within six months of infection, these people were found to have a 60 percent higher risk of death than those suffering from other diseases. Also, these people required 20 percent more care for more than six months.

New diseases also surrounded

Even after being cured, he had to struggle with those diseases for a long time, which has never happened before. These include diseases ranging from the nervous system to the heart and stomach. Nervous diseases related to nervousness and sleepiness also surrounded.

The biggest research ever

This is believed to be the most detailed study on corona. This included those infected between March 1 and November 2020 who were cured without hospitalization. The danger on these was compared to 5 million non-corona patients. It was found that out of 73,345, 1672 people with mild-to-moderate infection lost their lives. Researchers took this data from the Department of Health Affairs of Ex-Servicemen in the US.