Corona infected people save themselves from mental discomfort by contacting their loved ones, study reveals


The restrictions during the corona caused mental distress for many, while some defended themselves well. Clinical psychologist Emili Kroska of the University of Iowa explains how some people have kept themselves from exposure to stress and depression in epidemics by keeping in touch with loved ones.

Studies on the American people showed that those who could not control their emotions during the epidemic, remained unhappy, loneliness and fear dominated many mental problems. At the same time, people who kept in touch with their friends, family members through the phone even during this period, the level of stress and depression was low. Kroska explains that this study has proved that the situation can be prevented from deteriorating if kept in contact with loved ones in difficult circumstances.

Emotions matter more

According to Kroska, a person's thoughts and feelings are his strength. If the person thinks that nothing like this is happening. If there is an idea of ​​better living in every situation, then the person is mentally strong. It is better to think of ways to get rid of something that comes under stress. Positive thinking helps to overcome many kinds of problems.

Study on 485 adults

Scientists studied 485 adult people and learned their personal experiences to reach this conclusion. It was found that some people have felt that due to the fear of a pandemic, they had increased heartbeat along with sweating because they were very concerned about their own safety. Most people were worried about how they would be treated if they got infected.