Corona hit: Argentina postponed elections, voting will be held after vaccination


The worldwide global pandemic coronavirus has caused havoc. Millions of people have been infected by this epidemic, while millions of people have lost their lives. The second wave of coronavirus has caused havoc in many countries including India. Argentina has postponed its mid-term elections to be held in August 2021 for five weeks, in view of the coronation of Coronavirus. The Argentine government released this statement on Friday and gave this information.

The Argentine government has postponed the mid-term elections in August for the next five weeks in view of the Corona crisis with the consent of opposition parties. Argentina's ruling coalition, Frente de Todos, wants to retain its strong position in the lower house while retaining its majority in the Senate.

Interior Minister Enrique de Pedro said in a statement that we have taken this decision after seeing the health of people and their lives in danger. Elections to be held in August will be held after five weeks, till then more and more people can be vaccinated. Mario Negri of the opposition coalition Together for Change said the decision has been taken until more people are vaccinated in the country.