Corona havoc in America again : more than 60 thousand cases in a day, vaccinated people will have to apply mask again


Corona has started wreaking havoc again in America. The Delta variant of Corona is rapidly making people its victims. There has been a stir due to the arrival of 60 thousand new cases in a day. It has become mandatory for people who have been vaccinated in high-risk areas of America to wear masks again.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention director Rochelle Valensky said during this time that the vaccine is effective, but the risk of infection has increased due to the delta variant of the corona. In such a situation, it is necessary to wear a mask to protect ourselves and society. The CDC said that people who have received both doses of the vaccine in areas with the high infection will also have to wear a mask.

60 thousand new cases in 24 hours

According to media reports, more than 60 thousand cases of corona have been reported in America within the last 24 hours. Experts and doctors are also surprised to see such a high number in a day. At the same time, President Biden is also worried about the increase in the Corona case. He said that America will insist on further improving the vaccination campaign.

Delta variants identified in 85 countries

According to CDC data, the impact of the delta variant of Corona is more in South America. Every day a large number of corona-infected people are being found here. The Delta variant of Corona has so far been identified in about 85 countries. The World Health Organization has described it as the most infectious variant ever, which is rapidly making people who have been vaccinated.