Corona havoc: 20.56 lakh people lost their lives in the world!


The number of people who lost their lives due to coronavirus in the world has now increased to more than 20 lakh 56 thousand. Whereas 9.61 crore people have been affected by this virus.

According to the latest data released by the Center of Science and Engineering of the John Hopkins University of America, 20 lakh 56 thousand 241 people in 191 countries of the world have lost their lives due to this virus. Whereas nine crores 61 lakh 42 thousand 794 people have been infected corona so far.

The good thing is that five crores 30 lakh 97 thousand 341 people of these have also been successful in winning the war against this virus. Corona has had the greatest influence on the world's superpower so far. The total of corona infected people has reached beyond 2.42 crore. Whereas more than four lakh people have lost their lives. In India too, one crore of six lakh people have been affected by this virus.