Corona epidemic: Hollywood singer Mary Milben said, President Biden please help India


Eminent Hollywood singer Mary Milbane sent a video message to US President Joe Biden urging him to help India in the grip of the second wave of Coronavirus. Milben said, things are getting better in the US but India is still in a very bad situation. Let me tell you that Milben is a big fan of Indian culture and Indians.

Milben said in his video message, President America is fully capable of helping India. Thank you for removing the restriction on raw materials. Good first step. But we need to do more. We can give vaccine supplements to India. Can initiate a public-private partnership, as it did last year under 'Operation Warp Speed' to vaccinate American citizens. Show courage and help India.

He said, even though my voice may not matter to you, it definitely matters to 1.4 billion people and 4 million Indian-Americans in India. Therefore, on behalf of them, I appeal to you. He said this is the time to help India. Before becoming a singer, Milbane worked in the White House with former President George Bush.