Corona cases increasing rapidly in Pakistan, many areas sealed; Know - the condition of other countries


Even after the lockdown in Sydney, the situation in Australia is bad due to the delta variant. The number of patients here is increasing day by day. Many areas of Islamabad in Pakistan have been sealed. Now the army is being launched to get the public to follow the guidelines of Corona.

Patients of the delta variant are rapidly coming to Australia. There is no improvement in the situation. With the number of corona patients increasing in three digits, local officials have said that in such a situation it is impossible to lift the lockdown in Sydney at the moment.

Many areas sealed in Pakistan

After increasing the number of patients in Pakistan, the Islamabad administration has decided to seal many areas. Here the positive rate of corona infection has reached from one percent to five percent in four days. The fourth wave of the corona has started in Pakistan.

In Myanmar, people are instructed to stay at home

According to the news agency IANS, due to the increase in infection, people in 18 cities have been instructed to stay in their homes.

Rapidly increasing cases in Russia

According to the news agency IANS, even after the rapid increase in vaccination, more than 25 thousand new cases of infection are being reported every day.

Lockdown imposed in Yunnan province of China

China: According to AP, a lockdown has been imposed in the cities of Yunnan province near the Myanmar border due to the increase in the number of infected patients.

Restrictions will be lifted in Britain, but with caution

LONDON, AP: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is likely to announce the lifting of lockdown restrictions on July 19. These restrictions will be lifted with a warning of caution, as the number of patients due to the Delta variant in the UK is increasing rapidly.