Corona: Andibody of US company Regeron gets emergency approval from FDA, doctors get options


The antibody cocktail of American company Regeron Pharmaceuticals Inc. has received emergency approval from the country's Pharmaceutical Regulatory Institute for use on patients with early symptoms of Kovid-19. In this way, doctors are going to have another therapy option available for patients.

These antibodies were also given to Trump

This method of treatment consists of two monoclonal antibodies, which target the spike protein used by the virus to enter cells. US President Donald Trump was also given the drug in October after becoming infected with the virus. Apart from this, medicines were also given on the advice of Trump's doctors.

Safety and impact assessment continues

The US Food and Drug Administration' (FDA) said in a statement on Saturday, that simultaneous use of cesirivimab and imdevimab in clinical trials of patients infected with Kovid-19 has yielded significant results. It has been found that fewer patients were hospitalized within 28 days after treatment with this drug compared to placebo. The FDA stated, however, that the safety and effectiveness of this drug for the treatment of Corona patients continues to be evaluated.

Treatment does not require hospitalization

Results released in October by Regeron found that the use of this drug is helping patients recover from outside the hospital. The use of the drug is reducing the level of the virus and the patient does not need medical care.

Eli Lilly has been approved before

The agency stated that the issuance of emergency use permits is separate from FDA approval. This decision has been taken when the number of people killed and infected by corona in the country has increased. A similar antibody therapy created by 'Eli Lilly and Company' received emergency approval from the FDA on 9 November.

Health services burden will reduce

Commissioner Stephen Hahn said in a statement, the FDA is committed to advancing the country's public health during this unprecedented epidemic. He said, approving these monoclonal antibody therapies would not result in the hospitalization of patients and could help reduce the burden on our healthcare system.