Continuation of attacks in France not stopped, now pastor shot dead in Leon, accused in police arrest


On Saturday, a Greek priest was shot outside his church in the city of Leon, France. French police have confirmed the incident. Police said the priest was attacked in a church in Leon. The attacker escaped from the scene after committing the crime. However, he was later caught.

A police officer said the pastor was shot in the stomach and was undergoing treatment at a local hospital. The clergy are seriously injured. He stated that the attacker was alone and fired from a hunting rifle. As of now, the reasons behind the attack are not known.

Police have closed the area around the church and through a Twitter, the message has warned people to stay indoors. According to the news agency Reuters, at four o'clock in the evening when the clergy were closing the church, only two rounds were shot at them.

On getting information about the incident, the police got into action and started a campaign to catch the attacker. The police team succeeded and the attacker was arrested.

The attack on the clergy is the latest in a series of crimes in France in recent weeks. Significantly, three people lost their lives in a knife attack by an Islamic extremist attacker at a church two days ago in the city of Nice, France.

Earlier, in October, a school teacher in a Paris suburb was beheaded. The incident was condemned by French President Emmanuel Macron, who also joined other countries of Europe. The police arrested the accused, who was an 18-year-old Chechen native, who carried out the incident. He was murdered by a teacher for showing a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed.