Consider giving the second dose of Pfizer vaccine now after 12 weeks, UK Medical Association demanded


Physicians have started brainstorming to deliver the second dose of Corona vaccine prepared by Pfizer in the UK, 12 weeks after the first dose. Britain's effort is to stop the Corona epidemic from spreading in the country so that more people get their first dose of the vaccine. Around 5.5 million people have been vaccinated in the UK so far.

AstraZeneca, the vaccine formulation company in collaboration with Oxford, has said that it hopes its first dose of vaccine can provide protection after twelve weeks. Pfizer says that it has not tested the vaccine for such a long time gap. The Medical Association of Britain had asked the Chief Medical Officer to consider and study the second dose of the vaccine after twelve weeks.

Hotels can have quarantine outsiders

In view of the spread of the Corona epidemic in Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to tighten further. It is possible that people arriving from the UK from other countries may have to stay in the hotel quarantined. The rule is to keep people coming from outside for ten days in isolation. The government has already closed pubs, restaurants, gyms, entertainment venues, and shops as a precaution. Johnson says the government may take more stringent decisions in the coming times.

American talk show host Larry King dies

America's popular talk show host Larry King (87) died in a hospital in Los Angeles on Saturday. King was famous for interviewing more than 50 thousand interviews with the heads of the world, leaders, film personalities, and others from the last six decades.

King was hospitalized in December after being confirmed for a corona infection. Prior to this, he also had type-two diabetes, lung cancer, and cardiac problems. Ora Media, founded by King, reported his death but did not specify the cause of death.