Combination of medicines expected effective treatment of corona


Scientists working to find a cure for the coronavirus have now raised hopes of curing the disease by mixing two drugs. Physicians have been successful in treating a corona patient at the San Francisco-based University of California (UCSuff) last week with a mixture of remadecivir and interferon beta drugs.

Physicians now want to try it on a large scale on this basis. Scientists hope that the combination of the two drugs may be the 'golden ticket' for the treatment of corona.

Trial on one thousand patients of Corona

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a subsidiary of the American Institution of National Institutes of Health (NIH), is preparing to test more than one thousand young patients suffering from the corona. The test will take place at 100 different locations in the US including UCSuff.

According to the NIH, in this test, patients who are being given Remedesiver medication will be given four doses of interferon-beta injection. Patients who are being given only Remedesiver will be given a placebo injection instead.

The mixed dose of medicine raised expectations

Prof. of the Department of Medicine and Infectious Diseases of UCSF. Peter Chin Hong says that the mixed dose of Remedesiver and Interferon Beta has raised expectations. Pro. Hong says that if the mixed dose of the medicine is effective, then some patients can also be treated at home and they will not have to be hospitalized.

Not only this, the graph of deaths will be less, the number of breathing tubes used for breathing will also decrease. This is a big relief for all.