Colombia: Stray bull attacked patients sitting in the waiting room of a hospital


Suddenly a bull broke into a hospital in Colombia on Saturday. The video of the bull entering the hospital is going viral. It was a shocking moment for the patients sitting in the waiting room of the hospital when a stray bull arrived at the hospital waiting room and attacked the people sitting there.

In the viral video footage, it is clear that on entering the hospital, the bull attacked the patients sitting there, which suddenly created an atmosphere of panic, people rushed to save their lives. The incident occurred at San Rafael Hospital in Antioquia, northwest of Colombia.

The video shows a group of locals terrified by the bull's entry into the corner of the room to protect themselves, but the bull also reaches there and a woman is badly hit on the wall.

According to the local newspaper 'Vanguardia', no one was seriously injured in the incident. The woman injured by the bull attack has been treated moderately while other patients have refused treatment. The bull also damaged two motorcycles and some chairs in the waiting room at the entrance of the hospital.

The owner of the bull went to the hospital to apologize for the incident and asked about the health of the woman as well as the loss of material. No information has been revealed by the police about starting the investigation.