Click here to know why the cynical ruler Kim Jong does not get involved with PM Modi or India


Kim Jong Un is counted among the world's most cruel dictators. He killed his brother, uncle, uncle, and aunt in his own family. If someone in North Korea does not listen to Kim's instructions, then his punishment is also death.

Kim Jong Un speaks against Japan, America and has also built several Nuclear missiles and weapons which are the most powerful in the whole world. Kim Jong has also shifted his attitude towards America, Japan, etc. So why does Kim Jong never speak against India or PM Modi? Don't want to get involved with India? Today we are going to tell you about this.

There are some reasons for this.

Visit of Minister of State for External Affairs of India to North Korea in 2018

In 2018, each country was speaking against North Korea as it had turned its missiles towards Japan and the US when the then State Foreign Minister VK Singh visited North Korea. It was a fragile period for North Korea and it was thundering all over the world. Then VK Singh visited here. For the first time in the last 20 years, a major Indian minister visited North Korea.

India remained non-aligned during the Cold War

India remained non-aligned during the Cold War. India maintains a good relationship with North Korea while the US does not. Western countries all over the world do not have good relations with North Korea whereas India has good relations with all countries.

India is North Korea's largest trading partner after China

For information, let us tell you that after China, most exports are from India. India's exports account for 3.5 percent of North Korea's total exports. While the share of imports is 3.1 percent. In other words, North Korea sells salmon worth $ 97 million to India and also buys salmon at about the same price.

Why India is maintaining good relations with North Korea

India, however, has been against North Korea's nuclear policy and has been demanding since 1990 to make North Korea a nuclear-free country. But India's relations with North Korea are good. The reason for this is that North Korea has abundant natural resources such as coal, and India continues to benefit from it. Secondly, India is building good relations with North Korea to isolate Pakistan.