Claim : Those vaccinated after defeating Corona do not need booster dose


There is a worldwide churning going on for the third dose of the vaccine to avoid the coronavirus. In the report published in the journal Nature, scientists say that the cells of people who were infected last year have preserved the memory of the virus in the bone marrow. It is possible that when exposed to infection again, they will start making antibodies. Due to this, the person is protected from severe symptoms after infection, the risk of death of such patients is also very less.

Antibodies in patients' bone marrow

Scientists have made this claim after testing for antibodies in the blood of 77 patients who beat Corona for three months. After this, after seven to eight months of studying the bone marrow of 18 patients who beat Corona, it was seen that the level of antibodies in the body is increasing from time to time. Scientists claim that if the cells of the bone marrow recognize the virus, then they will not be able to do damage again.

vaccine strong protective shield

Immunity can last for years in people exposed to corona. It gets better after getting vaccinated. Those who have overcome the infection, have developed immunity, and have also been vaccinated, they do not need a booster dose. Those who have been vaccinated and have not been exposed to the infection may need a booster dose.

cells make themselves strong

In a second study published in the journal BioRive related to biology research, scientists say that after being exposed to infection, the memory, B-cells present in the body continuously strengthen themselves for at least 12 months. Along with this, the body prepares itself to fight the virus in the future. When again exposed to this type of virus, the immune cells are activated immediately.

Antibodies are never zero

Ali Elebedi, the lead researcher of the report published in the journal Nature, says that it is a normal process that antibody levels go down after infection but they are never zero. In people vulnerable to infection, the cells develop antibodies for up to eleven months. These cells stay with humans throughout their lifetime and are always making antibodies.

Immunity can last longer

University of Pennsylvania immunologist Prof. Scott Hensley says that both studies have confirmed that immunity to infection and getting vaccinated lasts longer. However, he also says that coronavirus is also the cause of the common cold. It also changes within itself all the time. In such a situation, there may also be a possibility of getting infected with some other form of coronavirus.

Booster dose to those who are not vaccinated

According to immunologist Dr. Michael Nusenzweig of Rockefeller University in New York, vaccine doses after natural corona infection make the body's cells highly active. With this, T and B cells create a strong protective circle against the virus. As a result of this, most of the people who got vaccinated, who got infected with the infection, suffered very little. It can be said that those who have not got the infection may need a booster dose.