Chinese province declares 'emergency' to combat coronavirus


Until recently, China, which has spread the coronavirus worldwide, has claimed that it has controlled the epidemic here, but there the situation is getting worse once again. In view of the latest wave of coronavirus cases in China, a province with a population of 37 million has been declared 'emergency' to combat corona. Also, a large corona test is being conducted here amid fears of a second wave of the corona.

The government of the northeastern province of Heilongjiang on Wednesday declared an immediate emergency so that residents could be ordered not to leave the province until much-needed work was done. Meanwhile, in the capital of Hebei province that surrounds Beijing, millions of people were also undergoing sub-zero temperatures during the second round of coronavirus testing.

The province, with a population of about 7.5 million, has become the new Kovid-19 epicenter in the most severe new wave of corona in China. China had taken the coronavirus under control since it emerged in Wuhan in late 2019. But cases have come to light in recent weeks, with local cases witnessing extensive cases of lockdowns, immediate travel restrictions, and tens of millions of trials.

More than 20 million people in northern areas of the country are now closed in one form or the other. 3.7 million residents of Heilongjiang have also been ordered not to leave the area until the necessary work is fully done, and to cancel conferences and ceremonies. The action comes on Wednesday after 28 new Corona cases surfaced. These 28 people included 12 asymptomatic, meaning they were infected with the virus but were not yet showing symptoms.