China: The first launch of the commercial rocket failed, lost two missiles


The launch of a new Chinese Kuizhou-11 commercial rocket failed on Friday. Due to these two satellites have been damaged. The Kuizhou-11 was launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China via the transporter ejector launcher late at 12: 17 minutes.

Video footage of the launch showed the rocket did the right thing for a minute. There is no official information about the first and second stages of separation. Quoting Chinese media, Terce says that analysis and investigation are being done to find out the specific cause of the failure.

The first payload was a Jilin-1 video satellite developed by the Chang Guang Satellite Company Limited. The Changguang Satellite is a commercial offshoot of the state-owned Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics, and Physics under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

It is being told that the second satellite was Centipes-1-S2. The satellite was for the Low-Earth Orbit Navigation Enhancement developed for Beijing Future Navigation Technology Company Limited. Kuizhou-11 was to be launched in 2018. With this, China has suffered three losses this year.

Footage published by CCTV in 2019 suggested explosive failure during the first stage engine test. The mission was China's 19th launch by 2020. Earlier on Thursday, it was successful in successfully launching the APSTAR-6D communication satellite in geosynchronous transfer orbit. The Kuizhou-11 is a larger version of the Kuizhou-1A rocket operated by Expos.