China spreads most propaganda about Corona, revealed in nine months of research


Today, coronaviruses are present in almost every country in the world. This dangerous virus quickly engulfs people, but no one has yet come to know about the origin of this virus. It also took three months to spread the rumor that the coronavirus is a bioweapon spread from China, which has caught crores of people.

By March last year, people started believing that coronavirus is not natural but artificial. The Pew Research Center found that one in three Americans believe the coronavirus was created in the lab, while one in four believe it was deliberate.

Powerful forces ranging from Beijing to Washington or Moscow to Tehran worked hard to create and control stories about the origin of the virus and the stories it created. The high officials and media of these four countries helped in spreading misinformation.

These countries used their power to sow suspicion and politically increase conspiracies. The Associated Press collaborated with the Atlantic Council Digital Forensic Research Lab for nine months to research how state-sponsored misinformation was broadcast.

As the epidemic wreaked havoc in the world, China took on the task of spreading foreign propaganda about the origin of the coronavirus. The day after the World Health Organization declared Corona an epidemic, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian produced a series of late-night tweets that could be seen as the party's first step in propagating the corona.

Zhao then received the support of China's Global Times, 30 Chinese diplomats and officials from France to Panama. In addition, the Foreign Minister of Venezuela and those close to the Saudi royal family supported Zhao from his accounts and spread his ideas by writing them in Spanish and Arab languages.

On March 13, Zhao issued a message on his personal Vibo saying that thanks to your support, we will work hard to save our motherland. In January, Russia posed the theory that the Coronavirus was used by the US as a weapon.

In addition, Iran also supported Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao. Zhao tweeted that the US has ejected the coronavirus as a weapon, to which Iran's supreme leader said that the Kovid-19 could be a biological attack. After Zhao, China's Media Institute Global Times also surrounded the US.