China's warning to the press in Hong Kong, said - stay in the limit, the pro-democracy Apple Daily newspaper will be closed by Saturday


Hong Kong's pro-democracy newspaper is finally on the verge of closure. Hong Kong's famous Apple Daily newspaper will be closed by this Saturday. So far the police have arrested five editors and executives of this newspaper. Not only this, but the government has also confiscated the property of about 23 million dollars related to this newspaper. The board of directors of this newspaper has issued a statement saying that due to the current situation in Hong Kong, the print and online versions of this newspaper will not be able to continue after Saturday.

Since the arrest of the editors of the newspaper, it was believed that this newspaper has now remained a guest for a few days. This pro-democratic newspaper has been under the watch of the Chinese and Chinese-backed Hong Kong government for a long time. Meanwhile, the governments of China and Hong Kong have warned the media to stay within the ambit of the law. The government also says that illegal activities under the guise of press freedom will not be tolerated.

Five editors of this newspaper have been detained by the police on suspicion of endangering national security in collusion with foreigners. Police have cited more than 30 articles published by the newspaper as evidence of an alleged conspiracy to impose foreign sanctions on Hong Kong and China. A few days ago, a letter was written to the Security Bureau of Hong Kong on behalf of the newspaper's board of directors, in which they demanded the release of some funds for the newspaper. It was said in this letter that he needed some money to pay the salary of his employees.

The US has strongly criticized China and the Hong Kong government for treating the democracy-backed paper in this way. Apart from the US, the European Union and Britain have also condemned the Chinese and Hong Kong governments. They say that the Hong Kong government is targeting democracy supporters under pressure from China. Let us tell you that Britain had taken Hong Kong from China on lease in 1897. Britain returned it to China in 1997. Since then there has been constant tension between the people here and the Chinese government.