China's spacecraft Tianwen-1 landed on Mars surface, launched in June last year


China's rover has been successful in reaching Mars. Chinese aircraft have reached the surface of Mars with the country's first rover. This was confirmed by the China National Space Administration (CNSA) on Saturday. Tianwen-1, along with the orbiter, lander, and Zhuzhong rover, was launched on 23 June 2020.

After circling in space for about seven months, in February it entered Mars orbit. The 240 kg rover has 6 wheels and 4 solar panels and is capable of traveling 200 meters per hour. It has 6 scientific instruments including a multi-spectral camera. Here it is expected to work for three months.

Recently, the spacecraft of the United States, United Arab Emirates, and China have entered the chamber of Mars. On February 18, NASA's Perversance Rover reached the surface of Mars after circling 7 space. It has sent many interesting pictures so far from its landing site Jezero Crater. It also left a helicopter to inspect Mars. It is worth mentioning that till now the spacecraft of America (USA), Russia (Russia), the European Union (EU), and India (India) have been successful in coming here. India is the first country in South Asia to send a spacecraft in 2014.