China's military reserve force under Jinping's control, American journalist targeted the dragon


President Xi Jinping has taken the military reserve force under his control from July 1 to maintain the supremacy of the ruling Communist Party in China. In fact, the force is under the centralized and unified control of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Central Military Commission (CMC), both headed by President Jinping.

The Reserve Force is currently under the joint leadership of the military organs and local Communist Party committees which are now being brought under the CPC and CMC from 1 July. In 2017, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) planned to reduce the force of the Reserve Force and bring it under the control of the central leadership as part of the military reform. These reforms also included reducing the number of troops from three lakhs to 20 lakhs in the world's largest military force.

The strategic mistake of China's provocation on the border: American journalist

China has adopted a foreign policy of confrontation. He is taking advantage of the corona epidemic to increase its influence all over the world. However, the recent provocation against India on the border is a strategic mistake by China. An American journalist, Farid Zakaria, has targeted China with his comments in the Washington Post.

"At a time when America is grappling with the challenges of the Corona epidemic, many experts warn that China is taking advantage of this situation to expand its influence worldwide." Due to this act of China in the Galvan Valley, there will be a long dispute between the two countries.

Giving the example of China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, Zakaria said, "The new plant of Chinese diplomats is in the form of a fighting wolf." Those who promote their country aggressively. They believe that crime is the best defense. He wrote that Zhao is known for his vicious and vulgar language anyway. China's relations with its neighbors have deteriorated in recent times.