China's ban on 28 US officials, including Mike Pompeo; Said, they have hate and prejudice against us


Just after the end of Donald Trump's term as US President, China on Wednesday banned 28 former Trump administration officials. Shortly after President Joe Biden was sworn in, China imposed a ban on travel and business transactions on Trump's administration as Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien, and Ambassador Kelly Kraft to the United Nations.

These are also banned

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton and strategist Stephen Bannon have also been banned, along with Peter Navaru, economic adviser in the Trump administration, the top diplomat for Asia David Stillwell, Health and Human Services Minister Alex Azar. These restrictions imposed on Trump administration officials are symbolic, but it shows China's tough attitude towards America.

China explained the reason for the ban

China also cited the reason for the ban on 28 former officials, including US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. China says that all these American officials are hostile and prejudiced towards it. Because of this, China took this strict decision. Let us know that China took this decision when the new President of America, Joe Biden was swearing.

America has also imposed a ban on China in the South China Sea

Earlier, Donald Trump's administration imposed new sanctions on Thursday over China's increasing aggression in the South China Sea. These sanctions could further complicate diplomacy with the upcoming President Joe Biden. The Trump administration imposed travel restrictions on many Chinese officials and their families in the last days of their rule. At that time Mike Pompeo said that we will continue to take action until Beijing ceases to behave aggressively in the South China Sea.