China retaliated against America, imposed a visa ban on some top officials and leaders


China retaliated by imposing visa restrictions on some US top officials and leaders on Monday following sanctions imposed by the US against several Chinese officials for alleged human rights violations.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters here that the conduct of US officials and leaders and the visa ban against some officials in the Uyghur Muslim-majority province of Xinjiang had 'seriously damaged Sino-US relations.'

He said that it should be condemned. Hua made this remark in the context of US sanctions by the US against three officials in Xinjiang province. The US has taken this action on allegations of human rights violations of Uygar Muslims.

China has imposed sanctions against US Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, as well as US Ambassador for Religious Freedom Samuel Brownback and Congressman Chris Smith. In addition, it has also imposed sanctions against the US Congress Executive Commission (CECC) on China. CECC chief Rubio has been a vocal critic of China.

Announcing sanctions against US officials, Hua said that Xinjiang is entirely China's internal matter, and the US has no right to interfere. He said that the Chinese government is committed to protecting its sovereignty as well as to take action against terrorism, separatism, and extremist religious forces.

Hua said China would take further steps depending on the situation. This is the first time China has banned top US politicians in response to US sanctions on Xinjiang, Tibet, and, more recently, the new national security law related to Hong Kong.

China charges - the US interferes in internal affairs

Hua Chunying, the spokeswoman for China's foreign ministry, said that American actions seriously interfere in China's internal affairs. This severely violates the basic norms of international relations, which has severely damaged Sino-American relations. Hua made this remark in response to the recent US visa restrictions on three senior Chinese Communist Party officials.

One lakh Muslims are in detention centers

UN experts and activists have said that at least one million ethnic Uyghurs and other Muslims have been kept in detention centers in Xinjiang. China accuses them of helping people who stamp on terrorism and extremism.