China is under increasing pressure to investigate the origin of the corona, the centenary year celebrations got gritty


Of course, celebrations are being held here on the completion of hundred years of the Chinese Communist Party, but amid the Corona epidemic, it is again getting surrounded by the investigation of virus origin. Countries around the world are under pressure to complete the investigation. The case of an alleged lab leak of the coronavirus is now gaining momentum. This matter has become a matter of debate all over the world and China is getting caught in this matter.

All the scientists of the world have raised the demand that it is necessary to fully investigate the origin of the virus. A new report has revealed startling facts that China had removed preliminary data on the origin of the coronavirus during the investigation of the World Health Organization (WHO). According to a report published on Wednesday, the international database of coronavirus tests has also been removed from the Internet at the beginning of the epidemic.

The Wall Street General investigation found that China also used a veto to delay the investigation for months under international pressure. This time he spent deleting the initial data. For this reason, the virus leak from WHO's lab could not be investigated properly.

According to another report of the news agency NI, the senior-most Chinese virologist of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, who helped in the discovery of Corona, was directly related to the scientists of the Chinese Army. Quoting Fox News, ANI has reported that in March last, Wuhan's virologist Dr. Shi Zhengli (Bat Woman) conducted a dangerous experiment on bats with coronavirus. However, he dismissed the allegations and said that these researches have nothing to do with the Wuhan Institute.

It is now learned that Dr. Shi Zhengli was related to the scientists of the Chinese Army ie PLA. Dr. Xi, together with Chinese military scientist Ton Yigang, did research on the coronavirus in the year 2018. After this, Xi worked on the coronavirus in the year 2019 in research with another military scientist Zhou Yusen. After this, in an article published in the year 2020, it was told that the Chinese military scientist Zhou had passed away, while the cause of his death is not yet known.

At the same time, another news report said that China probably deleted the initial data of its research so that the source of the corona could never be traced. Therefore, he has been able to mislead the investigation of the World Health Organization (WHO). Not only this, a report in the Wall Street Journal said that China tried to avoid the investigation for months and made its partnership in its favor with its veto power.