China is not letting the last rites of its soldiers killed in Galvan valley to hide the mistake


China ignores the sacrifices of its soldiers killed in the Galvan Valley. According to the US Intelligence Assessment Report, China is not ready to recognize the sacrifices made by its troops. It states that the Chinese government is pressurizing the families of the soldiers killed in the clash not to organize their funeral and funeral ceremonies.

On June 15, there was a violent clash between the soldiers of India and China in the Galvan valley of eastern Ladakh. There were casualties in this incident. India without hesitation accepted the fact that 20 of its soldiers were martyred. He was respected as a hero. On the other hand, China did not accept the casualties of its soldiers.

On 28 June, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his radio program Mann Ki Baat, paid tribute to the martyrs of Galvan Valley and expressed condolences to the kin of the army personnel. He said that the sacrifice of these families is worth worshiping.

A month after this incident, China has not made any official disclosure of the number of its soldiers killed in this bloody conflict.

Unhappy Chinese families who lost their loved ones are being abused by the Chinese government. Previously, the Chinese government refused to accept the casualties of its jawans after the incident and has now forbidden the relatives of slain soldiers to bury their dead bodies.

US News reported in its report that according to the US Intelligence Assessment Report, China is not accepting that its troops have been killed in the skirmish, so as to hide this huge mistake made by Beijing.

The skirmish took place when the Chinese army tried to change the situation in eastern Ladakh. India has said that if there was a high level of agreement from the Chinese side, then this clash could be avoided.

The Chinese government has so far admitted the deaths of only a few officials. At the same time, sources have revealed that there have been 43 casualties on the Chinese side, including dead and seriously injured. On the other hand, US intelligence reports believe that 35 Chinese soldiers have been killed in the incident.

US News reported that China's Ministry of Civil Affairs has asked the families of the soldiers killed in Galvan Valley to perform the traditional burial ceremony of the soldiers and to cremate the remains of the soldiers, but all these programs Are held away, in which no outsider is involved.